Thursday, August 6, 2009

╠ The My Chem iPod Dock ╣

Whilst perusing the officeworks in QV yesterday I came upon a curious iPod dock(pictured left). To the normal eye nothing would appear odd at all. However if you look in the bottom left corner you notice the model number iH8...which roughly translates in computer nerd language to iHate.

Now I've seen a lot of iPod docks that have i[letter][number] so I don't believe this one is on purpose, or at least the rest of the packaging showed no link to encouraging hatred. In fact I'd go so far to say that if on purpose it directly conflicted with the offer messages of the packaging.

When it comes to technology a lot of users will understand the concept of using numbers instead of actual letters, and the prospect of hate is something that would probably be turned away from by mid to older aged users, aka those with the most disposable income usually. When there are so many ways for a product to go wrong you think you would at least try to make the product code a non-deterant.

Then again I could be completely wrong and it could be on purpose in order to trick people like me into promoting it...oh the beauty of marketing. Thoughts?


Katja said...

I'm sure it doesn't translate too well in Chinese, or Malay or whatever. Clearly not on purpose, but nowhere near as bad as the Dick Smith Electronics logo.

No marketing/graphics company could have accidentally made that the way it is. Read from left to right. Dick[Head]Smith -- Think he might have been a fussy client?

Tannie said...

Dick Smith actually changed their logo recently and that is probably one of the main reasons why they did it. The head is now completely gone. That being said there's still only so much you can do when you have Dick Smith as a name.

Nathan Bush said...

Nice pick up. Let's hope they don't try and buy their partner a personalised number plate for Christmas.