Saturday, July 4, 2009

╠ Sponsored Mobility at its best ╣

Now as most of you may know in this semester just gone I took a subject I loathed called Career Management. A course that if you were to follow the lecturer you would misconstrue as a class about how to analyze careers after you've had them...conveniently enough with examples from her career. Useful I know. Now through this all there was one sole lesson of value. Obvious without the class but I want to give it some credit. The term I'm referring to is sponsored mobility.

Sponsorship in a career sense is where someone, usually further along their career path than you helps you along or takes you under their wing. It's meant to be a must do and something that it doesn't matter who it is because everyone has something to teach.

Now not wanting to shoot myself in the foot I remained open to this concept. However after experiencing it I believe there are some areas where it may appear less than useful. Recently I went on a trip to Brisbane with my father to experience the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I've listed below the activities and what I've learned.

Super Happy Fun Trip To Brisbane
  • Trip to Airport in Taxi - Entrepreneurs don't pay bills, fines etc. They believe in the par 10 (sp?) principle. So not paying what you owe 'the man' is good...
  • Airplane Trip to Brisbane - Entrepreneurs prefer to talk to any female that sits down to them and reveal their secret business plans to them rather than talk to their own son
  • Taxi Ride from airport - Taxi drivers in Brisbane are as bad as Melbourne and asks interstate tourists where x street is
  • Meeting 1 - We are vultures, ravenous, ravenous vultures, benefiting from the corpses of failed entities
  • Meeting 2 - Basic usage of a computer to make presentations is still super impressive for some things. Pixelated images FTW
  • Lunch - Father left to go to a meeting alone. I suspect fornication. Discovered I fail at social interaction...doubly so for people not of my age
  • Meeting 3 - Entrepreneurs never disclose everything. People will line up left right and center for a good sounding idea
  • Bar - The best bars are the ones that allow you to stare at 'eye candy'. Also Asahi apparently means Heinekin
  • Hotel - Apparently booking a two bedroom room each is the way entrepreneurs do it.
  • Dinner - Restaurants are also rated based on their proximity to eye-candy. iPhone app Urban spoon has room for improvements. Apparently Asahi decided it no longer wanted to be heinekin and turned back into Asahi beer.
  • Casino - While wife takes care of child alone, entrepreneurs will play. Including initialization of flirting, drink buying and number getting
  • Hotel - True entrepreneurs fly off to other states whilst leaving their family to find their own way to their flight much later.
  • Airplane ride - People should have to pay more to bring a baby along with them...and they should have to have their own special booth or something
  • Ride Home - Apparently Toorak means South Yarra station
Overall, what it seems I can learn from my father is that marriage means nothing and noone is more important than yourself and your interests. not sure about all of your views on this but I think a certain note should be added to chosing a sponsor...choose them wisely.

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