Wednesday, July 8, 2009

╠ Achievements ╣

One of the additions to video games in the current generation is the inclusion of achievements and trophies. These are awarded for finishing particular tasks. For PS3 the trophies you achieve are ranked by difficulty, from bronze to gold and then a bonus platinum trophy for if you collect every other trophy in the game.

The reason why I find this so good is that it increases the playability of a game but also ensures that you've completed everything that a game has to offer, rather than just the story. It also tells you when enough is enough and it's time to move on.

I believe it's important to give yourself something similar in life. Every company you work for should have it's own goals, from simple bronze ones to the overruling 'platinum' goal. On top of this you should also have your own goals, including those individualized for jobs. Most of the time you have a specific goal in mind when applying for a job and it's good to keep that in mind else you may find yourself dwindling longer than you would perhaps like in an area that may not further your overall goals.

It's also good to keep your individual goals separate because unless you really, really love work, then you should have other interests. Even those that don't further your career are worth including, be it to one day do that Star Wars Marathon or play through every one of the ironically named 'Final Fantasy' games released. If you don't set yourself the challenge you may just keep pushing these side goals off and do you really want to live the kind of life where you didn't take the time to do these life defining achievements that make life worth living.

It's up to you whether you achieve the goals, and you always have the option to reassess the ones that you lose interest with. What's important is keeping your goals in mind so that you don't let yourself stray from what you truly want.


Mags said...

Hello Tannie! I commented on your birthday in facebook and found myself here. Damn your subliminal advertising!

I agree with your post though. Having goals are good, they keep you driven and on-track. All the self-improvement seminars or professional development days I've ever had to go to talked about it - it's annoying, but it's true.

It's annoying cause I'm so bad at setting goals XD I guess, I know what I want vaguely, but not really the specifics. Maybe that's enough though? Probably knowing what I want is a step in the right direction.

Tannie said...

Knowing what you want is enough. As long as you have some main goals set then the others will fall down. So once you get one the rest will dominos

Lili said...

@ Tannie.

I see what you did there. Subliminal Pizza Advertising!