Monday, July 20, 2009

╠ Brand Loyalty at its best ╣

Apologies for the reduced posting as of late however I got a little tied down because I had a formal to attend as well as a birthday to organize, amongst all of my normal activities.

Just wanted to take a quick moment to show this cake though. This was a cake that was designed for me without me knowing. It's covered in Nintendo's core mascots which could be considered promotion however I didn't care about that aspect. I loved it, as did everyone else at the party.

How many of you can name brands that you could place their material all over your birthday cake without a single person at your party raising an eyebrow? In fact how many brands could even pull something like that at an office party?


Mags said...

Whelp, as someone interested in fashion and one of it's sub-genres, lolita, I'd say it completely depends on the context of the party. If we were at a lolita's birthday and we brought out a cake covered in the symbols of famous lolita brands ("Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World" etc.) they would absolutely go skitz with joy. Brand worship is an acceptable and unashamedly open behaviour of lolita fashion.

I think with other fashion brands (not lolita) it could be the same but you'd have to have the right person. My sister really likes this famous shoe designer... I reckon if I were to make little sugar replicas of one of his shoes and put it on her cake, she'd be pretty happy too. And all her friends would probably like it too, since they're all into designers a bit.

As for me, well, I'd be happy with a Square Enix cake :D I think there are some brands that are seen to be acceptable to kind of worship... but for example you WOULD get a few eyebrows raised if someone made you a Microsoft cake...

cruxiefaye said...

Just saw your facebook photos through Lilian's page and the cake looks awesome!