Wednesday, July 29, 2009

╠ I'm a big boy now ╣

This little poster may not seem like much, being only an a3 surrounded on all sides by A2's but it's still a big step for me. These posters were hung by Plakkit, a group in Melbourne who does poster distribution in key areas. Therefore it makes it my first paid advertising distribution...thingy.

Of course there's been a lot of putting things up for free and for favours but this is my first experience paying to advertise and I think it is a key step in a marketing career.

Is it equitable for the cause? Who knows? That's for market research to discern after the event. However this is the method I chose with a limited budget in order to advertise our event. What matters though is that I personally I feel like a million dollars to see something like this come off. Even though I paid for it, it's a very similar feeling to seeing someone reference you on a blog.

So if any of you see yourselves around Melbourne Central be sure to keep an eye out ^^ Anyone wanting to find out more about the event being advertised, it's an anime convention named Manifest.

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