Monday, September 8, 2008

╠ Comic - Doomed To Repeat ╣

I have returned! After over a week of being laptopless I can now return to the internet world in all of its glory. I must say the time off was hard. Not so much my dependence on the internet but more all the stuff I had to do. Unfortunately I lost quite a few files in the process such as all my bookmarks and programming files so there are a few other things I was planning on doing that have to now unfortunately go on hold.

None the less onto the catch up. Here is the comic to go with the Cadbury Trucks ad breakdown. In order to make up for the loss in time I decided to trial colouring the comic. Let me know what you think.

Since I did Cadbury again I thought why not have the same sort of thing happen. This also introduces the April character and the relationship that Tannie will be perceived to have with her. Although I sort of hope I'm not painting Tannie as too much of a jerk to begin with.

None the less I hope you enjoyed this comic. As usual any comments are welcome. The next post of mine shall be on the Commonwealth Bank ad which shall hopefully be done some time this week. As for after that the current poll is still open and in dire need of a few tiebreaking votes.

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