Wednesday, December 2, 2009

╠ The internet is stalking me! ╣

So via facebook everyone can see photos of you, twitter can share your every thought and foursquares allow people to know where you are. Is it just me or does the internet have enough information to make any stalker happy?

With each of these opportunities there are chances for organizations to access this information as well and try and use it for their own advantage.

I have to ask at what point will we rebel? At what point will the internet ask for too much information? We seem to all have a sharing fetish and I believe its something that will come back to bite us.


Pia said...

If you're that worried about the internet "stalking" you, change your Facebook/Twitter pages to private. Or just, y'know, don't use those sites at all.

Lili said...

^ Exactly.

Some people like the idea that they might be stalked. Makes them feel wanted. Special. Etc.

Sodman2k said...

The obvious point is that all of these sites are up to the users discression.
You don't have to use them and there is no advantage to making such info public.
But I'm sure the uncontrolable is not far off.