Tuesday, December 22, 2009

╠ Competition drives ambition ╣

One thing that I have discovered in life is that one of the easiest way to drive an individuals ambition is competition. Challenges that must be met or overcome in order to feel pride.

The greatest source of this is other individuals with like minded ideals. Two people competing for the same goal will cause greater outcomes than an individual.

Even for the loser, even though they lost they still would have competed harder, so in cases where there is not limited results, where everyone can benefit from harder work. For example high school where everyone trying harder pushes everyone else along. MHS and Macrob in Melbourne are examples of this.

So overall competition is good...But that leaves one thing. What happens in a blue ocean market space, where there is no competition, limitless opportunities and no one to challenge you to do your best?

Do you continue the momentum? Or does you ambition fade? Or are there other ways to drive it?

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