Tuesday, February 24, 2009

╠ Tall Jan is Malicious ╣

I know the end of February is a late time to be contemplating all the goods and bads of last year but I'm always a few months behind schedule. I thought about all the messages that were communicated to me last year through promotional forms. While some may have been more set in I chose this one as the most successful for getting a tagline across for something I wouldn't have an inherent interest.

When it comes to breakfast I've pretty much had a set breakfast of weetbix for as long as I can remember. However should I ever look at other breakfast this tagline would come to mind. Obviously it is subject to first off the individual interpretation of 'delicious' and also whether a tagline can make you believe it. But the point is the tagline is there and memorable.

What I like about it is that the ad itself isn't particularly standout or one that you'd probably wouldn't watch and think you've got something special. It simply just works. It's not annoying but you end up with a tagline stuck in your head.

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