Thursday, April 8, 2010

╠ Of Facebook and Ads ╣

With Critical Hit's launch I decided to use Facebook as the best tool for quick advertising. However I quickly ran into a pitfall. For those of you facebook users think of the amount of ads you see and the amount you click...very minimal.

With facebook ads I learned that they are best used for a non-demanding purpose. Simply showing a product and a price isn't enough. You have to sell the message and that message is easier sold if the link is say look at this site or look at this video and stuff like that so that they don't feel like it's blatant advertising demanding you buy now.

Facebook is certainly a powerful tool. But you need to learn how to use it right.

...And that's the story of how I wasted $50. More blunders coming soon.


online sales melbourne said...

Great article. People should be aware of this type of information

The Kraut said...

Mate it's known as banner blindness, it's been around since about 5 minutes after ads started appearing on the internet. I would hope they've covered this at the University of Melbourne.