Monday, November 16, 2009

╠ You're in the way! ╣

This picture to the left is what came up when I went to read an article that caught my eye in an RSS Feed. However instead of being able to read the article this video popped up over the start of it and began to play on its own accord. Furthermore there was no button I could press to remove it or drag it away.

So I figured I may as well let it end and hope it disappears. When it finished it just stayed there so my entire point of reading the article was ruined. I had to refresh and hope it wouldn't load again.

So basically this ad has said 'Instead of that thing you wanted, look at me!'. This is the worst kind of advertising. Yes advertising is normally an interruption but this is a step beyond that, this is a disruption and detour, and on top of this at the cost of downloads as it did seem to be quite a high quality video it was displaying.

Advertising like this is horrible because it hurts both brands. You don't agree with the messge of the ad because of your emotional state of annoyance and you dislike the site for allowing such poor advertising. It's a ridiculous lose-lose situation and I hope to never see it again.


Mark said...

infuriating as it is, i can see a big "close X" in the top right hand corner of the ad...

Tannie said...


I think I have to blame that one on my vision. My colour blindness makes that colour blend into the black behind it making it hard to see unless I'm looking for it.

Well I feel stupid.